The Franklin Free Library is run by one Librarian/Director and overseen by a Board of Trustees.  The Library’s Friends are also an integral part of keeping the library open.  If you are interested in volunteering at our library, please contact Wendy or Xina.

Director – Wendy Barckhaus

Assistant Director – Xina Sheehan

Board of Trustees

  • Carol Jensen,  President
  • Elliot Cohen, Vice president
  • Wendy Swears, Secretary
  • Cindy Pinney, Treasurer
  • Shirley Ferguson
  • Gary Orton
  • Christina Elemendorf
  • Mary Ellen Collier
  • Lynne Kemen
  • Willem Vanessendelft

The next Franklin Free Library Board Meeting will be held at 1pm on Thursday March 15, 2018 at the Library. Members of the public are welcome.

Thank you to all of our volunteers!  Your help in staffing the library, shelving books, and generally making the library a welcoming place to be is invaluable and we could not be successful without you.

A special Thank You to Senator James L. Seward for the Special Legislative Grant in the amount of $3500 .