A gift to The Franklin Free Library is an ideal way to benefit your community. Your gift will allow the library to purchase more materials, increase available technology, improve the building and grounds, and respond to the evolving needs of the community. Gifts can take many forms and can come in any size – all are welcome and all are greatly appreciated, and in many cases are tax-deductible. The Franklin Free Library is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Please make checks for gifts payable to Franklin Free Library. Your gift may also be eligible for a matching grant by your employer. Gifts can be in memory of or in honor of a loved one. Memorial or In Honor of book plates can be placed in items purchased at the donor’s discretion.

Gifts may also include securities, real estate, tangible personal property, and deferred gifts including bequests made through a will or charitable trust. For more information please consult your attorney.

Book donations are generally accepted for our annual book sale; however we do not accept books in poor condition, magazines, Reader’s Digest abridged books, or text books.  All books become the property of the library, and as such are subject to addition to our collection, placement in the sale, or discarded as the Librarian sees fit. If you would like to make a book donation, please contact Patti or Wendy at 607.829.2941 to set up a time.

A gift of your time is just as valuable to our library. Volunteers make it possible for Franklin Free Library to be open on Wednesdays and Saturdays. An hour here and there, or a regular volunteer appointment is greatly appreciated. Contact Patti or Wendy at 607.829.2941 to schedule yourself as a library volunteer.

Thank you in advance for considering a donation to Franklin Free Library. Your generosity will benefit the community for years to come.

Donations should be sent to:

Franklin Free Library

334 Main Street P.O. Box 947

Franklin, NY 13775

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In addition to local funding and private donations, public libraries need state and federal funding to provide great service. Please make sure your representatives in Albany and Washington know that funding for libraries is important to you!

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Your Elected Representatives: